A Global Career Development Consultant

With the power of IT and guidance and experience of DND CAREER GUIDE you can acheive your dream of having a global career. DND CAREER GUIDE and the seekers are indeed a single team to acheive a common goal, with different roles in the team.

DND Career GUIDE is founded by experts from India and Germany in 2022. The founders are having excellent academic background from the Tire One Institues of India and have spent over two decades in delivering End-To-End IT products and services, and corporate training across USA,Europe and Asia. Our global team is committed to delivering the right services to career aspirants, job seekers and students by analyzing their background, capacity and passions.

  • Analysysing The Potential Of A Candidate After Reviewing His/Her Profile.
  • Implementing Unique Career Development Model For Each Candidate
  • Allocating A Dedicated Guide For Each Seeker
  • Transforming Young Energy Into A Productive System

Importance of A Guide !

On an average, we all spent about 15+ years to complete our standard education. From the childhood, all of us either have a teacher and/or guide along with us. Afterwords, we start our next very important journey, which runs for about 40 years and is almost lifelong. But surprisingly, most students and young professionals miss out on consulting with a career guide in the early stages of their careers. Missing a career guide leads to not being aware of many hidden secrets and opportunities in one's career path. Learning what lies there in the industry and the various interdependent technical and non technical aspects is a MUST to develop a successful and sustainable career.

Why You Need A Career Guide?

  • As You Consult with a Fitness coach, Lawyer, Finacial advisor!

    In our lives, we hire or consult with specialists for most of the areas such as physical fitness, mental well-being, financial goals, health issues, legal matters, etc. But when it comes to our careers, it is observed that we stay blank and void in taking guidance from a specialist and subject expert. Most of the time, the quality of one's life is dependent on his/her career. So to have a successful life, it is high time to hire a career consultant.

  • The Knowledge and Experience of a Specialist Matters

    Having spent more than two decades in the IT industry allows us to share the best experience and the right guidance with the next generation. It has been seen in the past that the IT sector is more dynamic than any other field. The rapid enhancement of software technology expects the work force to learn all the time to cope up with the pace. Not only for technical skills, but also to work in different teams and environments, one has to develop various soft skills specific to IT. Only subject experts and experienced people in the same field can guide on this.

  • Being aware of Future at a early stage

    As a student, it becomes almost impossible to know the real picture of the IT industry, its expectations, work culture, and ethics. The resources who have already worked for a long time in IT industry are the genuine sources of knowledge and wisdom. Students and young professionals should leverage the experiences of success and failure of such people to better prepare for their future.

Ideal Time To Hire A Career Guide

Our Strength

Global Opportunities

We are spreaded over India and Europe, and also having collaboration with US firms. Having contacts in South East Asia, Middle East Asia, Europe and USA, it enables us to provide services as per seekers skills and preferences.

Power Of Online

Offline guidance has the limitation of bringing global power into the service of the masses. We leverage the power of the online ecosystem and bring global resources to serve seekers from every corner of the world.

Individul preference

We believe that every individual is unique by nature. By giving priority to the abilities of approaching candidates and their mindsets, we create a specific career development plan for every individual.

Hybrid Team

Our guides come from the IT Industry as well as academic. This helps us understand the present mindset of students and the expectations from them by the industry. We analyze the possibilities intently and deliver the best.

Focusing On Talents

Not every student gets a chance to study computer science due to various reasons. But many have talents and can learn it with ease. We offer IT courses to sincere students and graduates to let them become IT professionals.

Collaboration and partnership

Developing one's career is a novel task. We believe in teamwork and are open to joining hands with institutes and Organizations in a structured way so more candidates can benefit from a common effort.

What We Offer

Software Development Training

Software development refers to a set of computer science activities dedicated to the process of designing , developing, testing, deploying, and supporting software. We provide various courses through which one can learn not only software development but also other activities involved in a software development like those mentioiend before.

Softskills Development

Soft skills are those personal values and interpersonal skills that determine a person’s ability to work in a collaborative environment. We offer soft skill development programmes as they are vital to one’s professional life and help individuals excel in the workplace.

Research Paper Publication

Doing research is a multi step process. Research is always carried out step by step and must be done under a guide. Our hybrid team works on both academic and industry problems. We offer complete guidance starting from research problem selection until publication in Journals and conferences.

Overseas Education

Studying in abroad is a dream of many. It brings mutidimentional exposure to the aspirants and opens the door to global opportunities. We help you in finding the right institute, the suitable course, writing the SOP, the application, VISA processing, and onboarding.

Overseas Career

Making an overseas career requires many criteria to be fulfilled. Travelling across the world has given us experienced with all sorts of processes and requirements. Also, our presence in Europe and contacts in the USA allow us to drive the agenda in the most effective way. We make a complete time-bound career development plan for our candidates.

JOB Assistance

To get a renowned JOB, it needs serious preparation, which is multifold. Our JOB assistance programme includes CV preparation, creating a JOB profile, a JOB search model, Technical and Non-technical training, Mock interviews, Refering for JOB openings. The end-to-end service confirms a guaranteed job to those who avail our service.

Career Transformation

This is mainly for those who have no Computer science background but dream of working in the IT and software domains. We transform non-IT students and workforces into skilled and efficient IT resources. We offer multiple career development progrmesme suitable for all kinds of candidates from different backgrounds.


Business collaboration is creating purposeful connections, both internally and externally, to achieve common goals or solve problems through sharing varied skill sets, strengths, and perspectives. We welcome institutes and organizations to join hands to strengthen the power of young talents.

Process We Follow

1. FREE Webinar

Sharing the facts, opportunities with candidate and the process followed by DND CAREER GUIDE to let candidate successful.

2. Workshop

A 10 hours worshop with certificate having a compact view of career development program deliverables.

3. Uniqe Model For Every Individul

A unique career development model is prepared for each candidate and executed iteratively in a hybrid model.

4. Sucess is the Final Goal

We both, DND CAERRER GUIDE and You work as a team till you acheive your goal, the SUCCESSFUL CARRER.

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Who can JOIN us?

All students and professionals from engineering and science background, and those who understand has passion in wokring in IT field. There are variuos kind of roles in a typical IT JOB starting from requirement analysys, desiging, developing, testing, depolyment and maintainance. One can learn and engage into a specific part based on one's ability and interest. We prepare the candidates to an efficient IT resource.

How Long We Support you?

Getting a JOB may take less time than building a successful career. For every service, we have a sufficiently reserved time and an assigned guide for each candidate, depending on the nature of service. During this reserved time, the candidate can consult with the guide to resolve his open and new queries. We gulide the candidates until they achieve their goal.

Partnership and collaboration

Developing the right career is very important for one's life, and our vision is to help everyone to build a joyful, productive and sustainable career. For this novel vision, we are open to collaborating and partnering with institutes and organizations having similar goals. It allows us to leverage our unique strengths to execute the mission faster and maximize the success of everyone involved.

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