JOB Assistance

Job Placement Assistance as a value-added service in the Software Training Program. The program is an effort to make you ready to enter the professional IT world. It is a complete package to ensure that our Job seekers get perfect jobs in the IT industry and field, best suited for them. While employment opportunities occur in both Government and private sectors, the program will help you strike off the 'lack of skills' hurdle preventing you from grabbing a job in the IT industry.

  • Students are encouraged to proactively participate in workshop on Interview Handling Skills.
  • During Workshops, Knowledge is shared about focusing on all the aspects of an Interview apart from Technical Aspects.
  • Active Coordination with students from the stage of preparing a professional CV/Resume to attending Interviews and securing a Job.
  • Lots of mock tests ad interviews are conducted
  • An iterative model is applied till the desired JOB is assured

Our Objective

The objective of our online Job Assistant training is to provide you with the knowledge that gives experiences similar to offline classrooms and redeems you from the turmoil of traveling daily to the physical classes by incurring expenses, energy & time. We would give you a complete discipline’s preparation by covering concepts, skills, and techniques that IT certifications & job role demands. We would provide a unified and comprehensive Job assistance training that imparts you basic to advanced concepts/skills- via immersive, exciting e-learning tools & industry experts-led online classes and deliver courses for beginners to professionals that make them industry-ready IT professionals To identify the roadmap of our online Job Assistant Program in-depth, enroll in our free online demo class, as it will give you a clear view of what you need to expect throughout our online Job Assistance training course.

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