A Global Career Development Consultant

With the power on IT and, guidance and experience of DND CAREER GUIDE you can achieve your dream of having a Global career. DND CAREER GUIDE and the seekers are indeed a single team to acheive a common goal with a different role in the team.

DND Career GUIDE is founded by the experts from India and Germany in 2022. The founders are having execellent academic background from the Tire one Institues of India and have spent over two decades in delivering End-To-End IT products and services, and corporate trainings across USA,Europe and Asia. Our global team is committed to deliver the right services to the career aspirants, job seekers and students by analyzing their background, capacity and passions.

  • Analysysing The Potential Of A Candidate After Reviewing His/Her Profile.
  • Implementing Unique Career Development Model For Each Candidate
  • Allocating A Dedicated Guide For Each Seeker
  • Transforming Young Energy Into A Productive System


Our mission is to develope the right IT skills and abilities of young graduates and professionals so that they become capable to acquring a succefull and sustainable long-term IT career. Also, to help organization to hire wel trained candidates meeting their expectation.


Our Vision is to train and guide all those students who aspire to work for software and IT sector. Giving every interested candidate a platform to enrich themselves with all necessary knowledge, skill and boundary less opportunities.

Core Values

Our success is defined by our core values which are the commitment to seekers, owning the responsibility to develope the career of youths and passion to deliver a productive work force to the global IT industry.


We take the full responsibility of providing the complete guidance to those who join us. Our career development models are startegically designed in a time bound fashion with respect to the nature of a career goal.

Who We Are

We, DND CAREER GUIDE founders are engineering graduates from renowned institutes of India and spent about 20+ years in IT industry, worked in various roles and responsibilities, having global exposure and experienced in End-To-End delivery of software products and services. The management is run by a global team from Bangalore, India and Munich, Germany. Our core team is a mix of mid and senior professionals with a contributing back attitude. We have a global network that allows us to be on top of all current developments across the globe. With this strength it becomes easy for us to provide the global career development program with ease.

Our Expertise

Technical and Non-Technical Training

Research Work and Publshing Papers

Abroad Career Opportunities

Higher Study in Aborad

Students Served From Institues