Career Development Programme

It is always difficult for the students to select which career path they should follow. At the same time, making career in IT is relatively simpler, provided you get the right training and guidance. Connect to our experts for best IT Career Counselling which enables you to make the right Career choices. Our Career Counselling Experts can help you make the perfect career plan depending on your area of abilities. We help you bring clarity to your thought process and simplify the decision to take the right decisions and the necessary preparation.

  • Understand your inclinations and aspirations
  • Get a broad view of the plethora of career options available overseas
  • Adopt a fresh perspective toward your career
  • Analyse the best matches and map them out
  • Utilise our resources along with information available and receive professional guidance to make the optimal choice for you
  • Nurture you through the challenges of in your career
  • Help you know your core personality and understand yourself, helping you cope with environmental challenges.
  • help widen your perspective by identifying possibilities and choices available to keep you on the right track in career and life decisions.

Our Focus

Our focus with this service is helping you achieve your full potential by working through what is required for your progression to a new role or to develop more fully in your present role. An experienced career consultant will work with you on managing your work relations and career planning, ensuring you have a vision for the future that enhances your authenticity at work. Together we set goals for your development and work out steps to achieving them.

Our Approach

Our career consultants apply their vast experinence on students and young professionals to help them discover what it is that drives them as an individual and what they want out of a career. We understand that looking at yourself is never easy and making choices about your career is all about being ready to leave behind your childhood, which can be both desirable and tough. We facilitate a process to encourage this resolution and to help you make an informed choice about what you want to do next.

Our Process

Our unique four-step process examines what has satisfied you so far, where you are heading and what the organisation expects from you. In some cases there may be a mis-alignment between your what gives you fulfilment against what the pressures around you are pushing you towards. In these cases an experienced career consultant will help you to Resolve the tension by revising with you your vision for your future and the steps on the way to achieving it.

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